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St. Michael's Church
St Michael's Easthampstead

The Bracknell Forest Christian Network was a working together of the different Christian churches in Bracknell Forest to ensure that were able:

BFCN was formed in 2008. Previously some of the local churches were members of Churches Together in Bracknell. Forming a local group separate from the national network allowed it concentrate more on local issues, and in particularly the local community.

BFCN has not been active for several years. This site will therefore be closed in January 2017.

Warfield United Service
A joint service of the Warfield churches
held at Newbold College

Initiatives like Hope 08 and the joint service pictured here show very much what can be achieved in this area. It is hoped that more such initiatives will take place, and allow all the churches in the area to play a key role.

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